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The chiropractic care offered at Delmarva Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Harrington emphasizes the importance of optimizing function and empowering patients to take control of their health and healing. Most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible, and we work hard to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. For those patients who may already be in pain, we offer unique ways to relieve their symptoms. However, pain is only part of the picture. In many cases it represents the bodies inability to adapt to the stresses of its surroundings.By focusing on improved function, rather than simple pain relief, we allow people to increase their bodies resilience so they can return to their daily activities and avoid future injury. We also acknowledge that all people come with their own set of abilities and expectations. This is why we treat people, not just their conditions. 

There is a shifting paradigm in health care and chiropractic is beginning to get recognition as a leader in non-invasive, drugless treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractic has a long standing record of providing affordable, effective care for conditions of the spine. But few are aware of the true breadth of the services we provide. Chiropractic care is also effective in treating extremity conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, and plantar fasciitis just to name a few. At Delmarva Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we offer a broad range of chiropractic techniques as well as exercise rehabilitation and nutritional counseling. We integrate the latest research and diagnostic procedures with the art of healing to devise individualized, patient-centered treatment plans. Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or looking to improve your health, we have tools that can benefit you.  If you want to start living every day in optimal health, call us at 302-682-7975 to schedule an appointment!

People around the world are recognizing the benefit of chiropractic care. We are in the business of helping people achieve and maintain optimal health without requiring invasive treatments such as surgery. Please take the time to meet the chiropractor and our network of chiropractic and wellness care professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. To fully understand the nature of your health, we recommend that you join our free website membership program. As a patient at Delmarva Chiropractic and Wellness Center we will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.

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  • "Chiropractic Gives an Airmen His Life Back

    After 2 long years of having extreme back pain and being told by many doctors that it would be something that I would have to learn to live with, I made the choice to give Dr. Riggin a chance at giving me my life back. I have been to see Dr. Riggin about 7 times now and I feel much better now that he has reduced my pain to almost nothing and I am now able to get out and enjoy time on the boat with my wife and little girl. Two years ago today I was not even able to pick my little girl up and hold her but now thanks to Dr. Riggin I have been able to enjoy my life like I used too. I am very thankful that I chose to see Dr. Riggin because he is very knowledgeable in his field."
    -SSgt Stutts

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